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Enjoy the uncommon comforts in apartment living, only at The Hedges Apartments. A community for folks who enjoy living in true Southern comfort with their friends and neighbors. This is an uncommonly beautiful neighborhood - heavily wooded and lushly landscaped. There's even a gently flowing brook. It's all a relaxing invitation to go outside and be neighborly. This is a neighborhood of stylish, yet traditionally styled, white buildings trimmed in awnings and lattice. But everyone has their own idea of what makes a house a home; the same is true of apartments. That's why everyone has their choice of options to provide their creature comforts. We have options like fireplaces, screened porches, patios, greenhouse windows, bay windows, skylights and vaulted ceilings. There is the added comfort of living in a neighborhood where it's possible to really get away from it all, yet be conveniently located only minutes from the center of Greensboro. Relaxed. Neighborly. Truly uncommon comforts in apartment living. Only at The Hedges Apartments.

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